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Name: Demetrius
Location: Knoxville, TN
This is a novel idea. If marketed correctly it could take off. Folks are all about customizing everything nowadays: ringtones,facebook, tattoos. Upload your fav song, have the emblem keep the beat. People would do that. For those who liken it to spinner caps... someone bought them! To each his own.
Posted on: Wednesday - Jul 11, 2012
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Name: John
Location: Richmond,tx
This is a joke right ? You cant be serious about making this product .. This is down right retarded. You should try it in Mexico they like really tasteless ideas like this.
Posted on: Monday - May 7, 2012
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Name: Alex
I just can't see this catching on with many of the serious car enthusiasts. I thought the video was funny...I could see it being popular at the kind of car shows that have hydraulics and sub-woofers, but not at a normal car show..people would just laugh.
Posted on: Tuesday - May 1, 2012
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Name: Stormin
Location: Texas
that's the worst thing i have seen since spinner hubcaps!
Posted on: Tuesday - May 1, 2012
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Name: Jeff
Location: California
We at our shop, agree that this is "cheesy" and would never purchase one. Agreed, the voice for the "Hearbeat Of America" is very distubing. Just don't put a whole lot of money into this. If it works out for you, awesome! But we don't think it's a good idea and might only be fun for about 10 m
Reply: Jeff, we wish you would have left your email so we could pick your brain more! We are in the prototype phase so changes can and will be made. The voice you hear will not be used for the final product; it's for demonstration purposes only. The device can be customized with any voice including your own or any sound or music. We appreciate your feedback and check back for updates.
Posted on: Wednesday - Oct 26, 2011
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Name: dan
Location: Indianapolis
Are you doing one for the VW emblem and it would come out and rotate and say "un-Pip your Auto"
Posted on: Monday - Oct 3, 2011
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Name: b
Reply: Thanks! You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
Posted on: Wednesday - Feb 16, 2011
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Name: Ben
Location: Germany
The german Mustang Community is waiting for it! Hurry up! Super
Reply: Thanks Ben! We are excited about our product and we are thrilled that Mustang lovers in Germany are just as excited. Continue to check our website for updates and product release date!
Posted on: Friday - Jul 9, 2010
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Name: Iso Tangh
Location: miami
People in Miami would love it!
Reply: Hey we are feeling the Miami love! Thanks so much for your response! Keep checking our website for updates. If you know of a custom auto shop in the Miami area that would be interested in our product, please let us know and we can call them up!
Posted on: Sunday - May 23, 2010
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Name: Doug
Does that whispered "mustang" and "heartbeat of america" actually play or is that you just talking for the video?
Reply: Hi Doug! The voice is actually playing. The technology gives your vehicle's emblem sound, motion and/or an action (for example can you imagine a ford cobra spitting water?) When you activate the device, it moves and plays the audio. On the website you see our prototype...the final product will not be using that voice. Thanks so much and God bless!
Posted on: Tuesday - May 4, 2010
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